About accessibility of this site

In creating this website, we have adopted a series of measures to give access to the largest possible number of users, including those with certain impairments or the elderly.

  • This website complies with W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, with a double A (WAI-AA).
  • It uses cascading style sheets (CSS) for visual formatting of information.
  • The images include a brief description using the ALT attribute.
  • Links to special features (downloading documents and those which open new pages), include attributes that describe them.
  • It can be displayed correctly using different versions of major browsers and on different platforms.
  • The links are fully accessible and do not need to be JavaScript enabled.
  • The documents that are downloaded are in PDF format and can be viewed using the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Hot Keys Keyboard

The following is a list of keys and their use on each browser:

  • Key 0: Inicio
  • Key 1: About us
  • Key 2: Services
  • Key 3: Business vision
  • Key 4: Centres
  • Key 5: Contact us
  • Key 6: Work with us
  • Key 7: Legal Disclaimer
  • Key 8: Sitemap
  • Key 9: Accessibility

Internet Explorer 4: ALT + Key (Windows), Command + Key (Macintosh).
Internet Explorer 5 and above: ALT + Key + ENTER.
Mozilla Firefox: Mayúsculas + ALT + Key (Windows), Ctrl + Key (Macintosh).
Opera: Shift + Esc (will display a message with the keys to be pressed).